Business Intelligence for

Business Intelligence for

Thanks to the InfoBusiness Connector module for, you can now take full advantage of the power offered by the Business Intelligence platform labeled InfoBusiness.

The perfect tool in order to analyse the information included in financials, analysis and controlling, payables / receivables, warehouse and sales / purchase cycles.

A report is not enough in order to obtain, from your corporate data, all the information necessary to make fast and correct decisions. The Business Intelligence addresses the needs of those managers, executives and company owners who are looking for a tool that is simple to use and able to keep the company under control.

In order to provide reliable results, a Business Intelligence platforms needs to be perfectly calibrated to the needs of the company and to the database of the ERP software being employed. When choosing a Business Intelligence solution, you need to rely on a consultant in order to analyse the specific characteristics of the company and of the ERP software, as well as undertake the correct operating method for the integration between the two systems.

The points of strength of IBC are the following:

Speed of installation

Step by step guided installation that allows you to configure rapidly the Business Intelligence environment, this in order to make you enjoy top benefits from the very first day!

Fit to meet the needs

Thanks to the complete integration between and InfoBusiness, you can choose how to manage which data with the Business Intelligence in order to satisfy at best the specific needs and requirements of your company

Results reliability

The datawarehouse database needed in order for the functioning of the Business Intelligence Solution is generated automatically, starting from your company data thanks to procedure created by Microarea.

"The ERP software for everyone"

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"The application base on which you can develop new projects"

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"A platform to create flexible and powerful applications"

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