EasyLook: run and view reports via web EasyLook: run and view reports via web

EasyLook permits to execute the ERP accountig software reports through the Internet and the Web, from a remote device that could be, for example, a laptop or palmtop computer.

Quickly and easily, once your credentials are recognised by the system you can connect and have the same access to data and to the reporting functions of whether you are in your own office or you are with a customer and you want to check availability of inventory goods, or a list price etc…

EasyLook completes with an absolutely innovative tool to open the company confines to the world of your partners and customers.

EasyLook is a 100% web application: it does not require the installation of ActiveX components or downloading files that may be blocked by antivirus software or firewalls, guaranteeing good navigation for everyone.

EasyLook: main features

Create an extended company

With EasyLook you can open the menu in an Internet browser and execute reports created with Woorm, whether standard or customised. Access to EasyLook is guaranteed by the same security criteria used in access to the functions in local network.
Thanks to this module it is possible to allow access to reports via the Web on a specific menu page, parameterising the appearance through the Microarea Console and adding the desired logos, backgrounds, colours and fonts. EasyLook can be used to consult most of the reports developed with Woorm, standard and customised.
This means it is possible to develop your own customised reports as normal, polish them up on your own local PC and be sure that they will look the same when consulted via the Web.

Freedom to access, security garanteed

With EasyLook you can make reports available to users outside the company without security risks: configurable access rights are the same for and for EasyLook so it is possible to specify who sees what data in detail.

A user can connect with the same credentials from a workstation inside the local network or from outside via the Internet and have exactly the same level of access and visibility of data and Woorm functions.

Specific users can be configured for exclusive access from the Web, opening up the possibility to customers, suppliers, partners, agents and reps etc… to consult company data online, with the maximum guarantees of security and confidentiality.

It is also possible to configure a special “anonymous” user to attribute specific authorisations to so users not known a priori can also navigate.

Multilanguage support

The Multilanguage support is applied transparently also the reports executed using EasyLook so it is possible for a foreign partner to enter the portal and consult the same reports the company uses in-house in Italian in their own language or in English.

All the languages supported by are freely available to be installed and configured for use through and EasyLook.

Share your reports on the web

As well as the many standard functions of Woorm, EasyLook adds the so-called “snapshots”: Once a report is obtained, the data it holds can be memorised and consulted at a later time without re-executing the process and therefore in less execution time, and containing data updated at the time of execution or relative to specific parameters set by the person who executed it.

The snapshots can be memorised by single user or shared with others: for example, this means it is possible for a group of associates to all access the same pages of reports processed by the person in charge with appropriate parameters and referred to the current situation at a given moment.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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