EasyBuilder makes straightforward customizing the Mago.net ERP user interface (changing layout, adding or hiding objects), creating new objects and handle events.

The module Easy Builder, made in Microarea, allows managing in a simple and intuitive way the graphical and functional customisation of an existing management document, as well creating forms from scratch.
Easy Builder is able to create all types of objects that can be managed with Mago.net: as for example text field, checkbox, combo box, and body edit. 

EasyBuilder: main features


The aim of Easy Builder is to satisfy the many necessities existing within the Mago.net customisation field, expressed as well by the Partner and End User: being able to use easily a tool that allows creating the customisations rapidly, making them as “upgrade-safe” as possible as well as immediately portable.

EasyBuilder - Code EditorEasyBuilder - Code Editor


For who?

Easy Builder represents the perfect tool for the Partner that wishes to create in a short time customisations without having to write one single code line while addressing the demands of the most expert developers that want to create actual proper vertical solutions in order to offer the perfect solution to companies belonging to specific market segments.

In addition, Easy Builder will surely not disappoint the End User: the working environment provided by the graphical designer allows the customisation creation to be intuitive indeed.

What For?

Easy Builder allows to…

  • Add objects to existing ERP documents;
  • Create new forms for the entering/modification of data;
  • Hide objects within the data-entry (forms);
  • Modify the layout of the custom and standard forms;
  •  Add actions and/or controls to both new (custom) and already existing (standard) objects

The types of environment in which such tool can be used are truly infinite: starting from the creation of simple aesthetic/functional modifications, all the way to proper applications that exist within the Mago.net application. 

A practical example: Mago.net is a horizontal ERP, hence it suits all types of companies and for this reason, it provides a large number of information that not all end users utilise and which can “confuse” the less expert operator.  Easy Builder allows hiding the fields that the end user does not use, making the utilisation of Mago.net smooth and easy.

What is being offered

Easy Builder offers useful instruments for the highly demanding and expert developer while simplifying the activity of the newcomer as well.

The creation of new objects inside the data-entry of Mago.net is managed throughout the drag&drop: simply drag the chosen object from the toolbox of Easy Builder to the inside of the form being customised: easy as eating a piece of cake!  Furthermore, it is possible to drag the fields already defined in the tree of the object model (in practice we are talking about the fields that actually form the entire ERP document).

The environment, that allows source code in C# or VB.Net, supports the Intellisense technology, allowing the laying out of the source to be highly simplified and conforming to the expectations of anyone that usually uses development environments such as Microsoft Visual Studio.

Also, there is the possibility of performing a precise debug of the procedures. 

"The ERP software for everyone"

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"The application base on which you can develop new projects"

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"A platform to create flexible and powerful applications"

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