EasyAttachment: document management made easy

EasyAttachment: document management made easy

EasyAttachment is the Mago.net function that provides the end users with a simple Document Management System, fully integrated with the existing product.

EasyAttachment: main features

Instant setup

Just few clicks in the Microarea Administration Console in order to set up the EasyAttachment repository. The electronic documents are stored in a series of tables saved in a database considered as an extension of the company database. The EasyAttachment database needs to be created on a Microsoft SQL server version 2005 et seq.
Throughout a data entry found in the Mago.net menu, the user has free access to the information of the repository and the documents stored within, erase the no longer useful documents or store new ones.

Attach with a click

The EasyAttachment functions can be used directly from any Mago.net data entry throughout an extension of the latter. It is from this point that the end user can attach documents selected within the file system or already being stored, obtain a preview and define the fields to be used as key when searching. Furthermore, the Categories panel allows creating customized rules for the subdivision of stored documents. One click to store the templates and Woorm reports in PDF format.

Simple or advanced search?

Throughout the FullTextSearch integrated engine, based on the search keys, the user can rapidly and easily find searched attachments. The obtained result allows to open the attachments and perform a cross application navigation. Should this not be enough, there is also the possibility to enhance the search query thanks to the use of filters according to data, type, and by adding bookmarks as well as defining the granularity of the search process.

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