- Analysis and Controlling - Analysis and Controlling

The module offers a full and flexible solution to monitor company transactions that affect company economic results.

It supplements the general accounting system and it fits in with the company activity by using the free definition of cost centers and long-term jobs.

Analysis and Controlling: main features

One Chart of Accounts

The main advantage is the use of the same chart of accounts to post both accounting entries and analytical entries. All accounts can be set as analytical accounts using an automatic procedure.

Assigning transactable in cost accounting to the accounts Assigning transactable in cost accounting to the accounts

Furthermore, if you need to post extra-accounting transactions you can set accounts to be used in analytical entries only.

Cost Centers and Jobs

Cost accounting system groups the data according to their destination, therefore it is very important to define cost centers and jobs.

Cost centersCost centers

Companies that usually work on job, may find it useful to store information on customers, starting date, delivery date and the agreed price.


Spreading templates

The association between the analytical account and its spreading template is basic to generate analytical entries automatically.

Analytical templatesAnalytical templates

Additional information like square meters, employee numbers, machine uptime hours set on cost centers and jobs, can be used as criteria to calculate spreading rates.

Automatic analytical entries

Spreading templates allow to generate actual analytical entries starting from any accounting posting of profit or loss.

Analytical entry generated from sale documentAnalytical entry generated from sale document

Analytical entries can also be posted starting from sales and purchase documents, containing the cost center or job to be used and from inventory entries too, if you wish to post consumption of materials for production.

Analysis and controlling activity

An effective management check activity can be reached by posting budget analytical entries. Budget amounts can be spread over months, quarters or semesters.

Monthly budget reviewMonthly budget review

A large number of reports allow to analyze variances between budget and actual amounts, on a monthly or yearly basis, by values and by rates, and with details of profit and loss items or groupings.

Furthermore, analytical balance sheet is extremely flexible because it can be managed by cost center/job, by group or by company, choosing whether to group analytical accounts or not, and with the opportunity to compare with another fiscal period or budget.

Direct & Full Costing

Accounts can be classified in order to get an analysis according to Direct Costing and Full Costing systems.

Direct costing settingsDirect costing settings

Automatic transfers

Through the settlement of transfer templates you can automatically process analytical entries that split the balance of the cost center between more cost centers, jobs  and/or product lines.

Transfer templatesTransfer templates

You can decide to transfer the balance of the original cost center or to leave it and even keep the original analytical account or to replace it with a generic analytical account linked to the specific cost center.

Product lines

In addition to cost center and job, it is available the product line, a third voice of analytical destination.

Product LinesProduct Lines

The product line is related to the single inventory item, it can be indicated in spreading templates and in cost accounting entries. Monthly and Yearly analysis reports by product lines are also available and even the balance sheet.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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