Configurator: manage the product configuration Configurator: manage the product configuration

The Configurator is both a production Configurator and a commercial configurator.
On the one hand it assists the production department to define possible alternatives for manufacturing products so that they are feasible from the production point of view and inexpensive from the strategic/economic point of view.
On the other hand it supports sales staff when composing an offer for the product in keeping with the technological constraints and the possibility of confirming the price to the customer.

Configurator: main features

What a Product Configurator is

The Configurator can be used to automatically generate the variants in the bills of materials, beginning from specific questions: the definition occurs by "establishing" one of the possible alternatives for each possible choice.
First of all it is necessary to define all the possible questions with relative answers to associate with each item in the bill of materials where it is necessary to have different alternatives.
Then it is necessary to set the bill of materials as "Configurable". After this is set, it is possible to associate a question for each component of the bill while the response sets its alternative.

Product Configuration from salese documents

In any sales document, if an item that has a configurable bill of materials associated with it, we are asked to generate a new configuration.
Based on the responses selected a new version of the finished product is constructed, so a new configuration” that is basically a new variant of the finished product.
A manual or automatic code is assigned to each configuration: the configuration code is also the variant code.

Sale prizes

The Configurator can be used, starting from a general bill of materials, to generate product (of the configurations) variants to specific customer requirements.
So, the sales price of the variant needs to be determined each time on the basis of the components selected. The price information relative to the various items that make up the configuration are used to determine the sales price of the configuration.

Prize lists management

The procedure automatically calculates the sales price of every new configuration through the management of the price lists.
The sales price of the configuration is the sum total of the list price present in the Items Master datasheet of the finished product and of the selected components.
It is possible to use Parameters to set the price list to use to determine the sales price of the standard finished product and selected components.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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