This module makes the accounting software able to calculate the Conai environmental contribution automatically.

Using the Conai management it is possible to automatically calculate the Environmental Contribution to charge in the sales documents.

Using this module, with it is possible to define various types of packaging, associate the correct type of packaging with the items managed by the company, set any customer and materials exemptions, generate sales invoices deducting the Conai Environmental Contribution.

It is also possible to print out the data needed to draw up the packaging manufacturers' declaration to sent to CONAI.

Conai: main features

Packing Type

The table relative to the packing types for materials is automatically filled in with the data and values as per CONAI, uploading the's default data.
The amount of the forecast contribution for each tonne is already indicated for every material.

Packing TypePacking Type

In any case it is always possible to add new materials or new values to data in the event of changes in legislation.

Item/Material Association

For each item it is possible to state what type of packaging material it is, also specifying whether it is primary or secondary/tertiary packaging.  We can also indicate the unit weight in kg referred to the unit of measure of the item.

CONAI EntriesCONAI Entries

If the net weight (given in kg) is already set in the item master data, we can decide to have the Conai Environmental Contribution determined according to the net weight calculated automatically directly in the sales document.

Exempt Customer

With it is possible to manage customer/material exemption according to the simplified procedure if the company has purchased packaging or packaging materials subject to the Conai Environmental Contribution and has then exported these.

Customer Exemption by MaterialsCustomer Exemption by Materials

It is possible to indicate which customers are exempted, specifying the percentage of exemption for each material.
In the sales documents, the overall weight of the items-packaging sold is reduced by the extent of the exemption percentage so as to obtain the correct weight for the Conai Environmental Contribution calculation. can manage any case, even the exemption case where the packaging has been sold by a Manufacturer/Importer to another Manufacturer who then sells them on to the User.

Conai Contribution calculation calculates the Environmental Contribution in the invoices issued by the Sales Module and applies the same Tax rate of the item associated with the packaging material.

CONAI amount calculation in Immediate InvoiceCONAI amount calculation in Immediate Invoice

With it is possible to:

  • set the parameters to calculate the Conai Environmental Contribution;
  • generate sales invoices with the Conai Environmental Contribution included;
  • visualise and edit Conai entries or insert new ones;
  • print out lists to control and verify the values present in the Conai entries in order to correctly draft the periodic declaration to send to CONAI.

Contribution rows in documents

In compliance with legislation, enters the Conai Environmental Contribution directly onto the sales invoice, then in the immediate invoices and in the accompanying invoices.

CONAI legislation provides that the Environmental Contribution must also be indicated in the importer’s sales invoices and in the sales invoices subsequent to the first transfer.
In these cases the transferor may decide to indicate the Contribution by reference or include the wording "Conai Environmental Contribution paid".

The sales invoice relative to the first transfer of packaging shows for each line of Environmental Contribution the type of material this refers to, the weight in tonnes subject to the Contribution, the unit value and the total value of the Environmental Contribution obtained by multiplying the weight by the unit value.

Documents for declarations has various lists that help us fill in the periodic declaration to present to the CONAI.

The CONAI contributions list by Material/packing Type contains the data ready to include in the Conai forms: packaging treated, quantities subject to the Environmental Contribution, and Contribution amount to pay for each material (steel, aluminium, paper, wood, plastic and glass).

List of CONAI contribution by Packing TypeList of CONAI contribution by Packing Type

We can print a full list of the invoices relative to the sale of the declared packaging to attach to the Declaration.

For the Declaration relative to transfers exempt from Environmental Contribution, a list contains all the figures to include on the Conai form; it lists for each customer the quantities of material sold in exemption.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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