- Cash Management - Cash Management

This module lets you record debit and credit transfers of money, including collections and payments, using a special data-entry session, that is periodically, after appropriate checks for correct balancing, consolidated posting pure accounting entries.

At the moment this module isn't available for Italy.

Cash Management: main features

Several cashes

Every cash desk can be associated to a default currency and, in case, to a default operator, so that they could be automatically proposed at the opening of the cash session, based on the used login.

Opening cash sessionOpening cash session

Easy to use

On opening the cash session, the operator can verify that the cash balances and can start recording all the debit and credit transactions using the special functions.

Working cash sessionWorking cash session

The operator does not need to know accounting principles, such as credit and debit, to use the cash session data-entry. Every kind of transaction is assigned to a specific button: money transfer in, money transfer out, advance/collection from customer, advance/payment to supplier, advance for expenses and expenses/income.

Easy to check

If you make a mistake it is not possible to modify but only to reverse the transaction using the specific button. The progressive balance is displayed in every row, related to the transaction recorded, and initial and final cash balances are always under control.

Closing cash sessionClosing cash session

It is possible to insert new transactions in the cash session until the accountant decides to close it and cash up. Suitable reports are available to check data before cashing up.

Collections and Payments

Collection and payment transactions are linked to scheduled payments. Payables and receivables are immediately updated by the cash clearing.

Cash clearingCash clearing

Accounting posting

Cash session posting procedures let you automatically generate the  accounting entries.

Cash accounting postingCash accounting posting

General ledger entry automatically generatedGeneral ledger entry automatically generated

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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