- Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) - Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)

It is the production resources planning tool. It has the purpose of simulating the projected workload for resources within a timeframe. Against an analysis of the production orders, the tool suggests the optimal start and end dates for these.

Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP): main features


The daily capacity of the production activity is organised according to the type of work centre and the available resources.

CRP: Manufacturing Order Steps GanttCRP: Manufacturing Order Steps Gantt

We can set a calendar for each work centre where to indicate the working capacity for each day. It is also possible to define periods of downtime due to maintenance or other needs.
This enables the CRP scheduler to obtain a daily load profile for each work centre in the examined time range. The graph reflects the daily capacity of the work centre and takes into account any scheduled downtimes.

Planning of resources

With the CRP functions it is possible to analyse the use of the production capacity according to the production commitments undertaken. The results of the CRP processing highly any overloads and moments of underuse. At this point it is easier for the planner to make decisions concerning the reassignment of tasks, perhaps using overtime shifts or outsourcing.
The CRP analysis proposes the start/end dates (simulated start/end dates) for production still to begin, using the so-called as soon as possible criteria, meaning work is started beginning from the launch date, as soon as the resource and materials are available.
If the subordinate order is terminated in advance, the launch date for the parent order is brought forward.

Work center histograms

The Load histograms can be used to analyse the work attributed to the various work centres with daily detail and to examine the composition of the load.

CRP: Loading HistogramCRP: Loading Histogram

It is possible to interact with these histograms, moving loads from one work centre to another or moving the working process dates.


The Gantt charts show the distribution of the production orders (also detailing the phases) in their time placement.

CRP: Manufacturing Orders GanttCRP: Manufacturing Orders Gantt

Delays in forecast deliveries are shown so they are easy to pinpoint and manage.
It is really very simple to work on these charts: the "drag & drop" function can be used to move the working dates along the timeline.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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