Auditing: monitoring data access Auditing: monitoring data access

The Auditing module permits to achieve the complete activity tracking of the ERP accounting software users

Within the area of control and protection of company information, the module fits into an extremely permissive context – no security policy – and another extremely restrictive one – security policies that are so elevated that they complicate the daily work of users – providing an intermediate level that can still integrate with a powerful but not rigid security system.  
The module makes it possible to monitor access to data that the company itself considers the most sensitive, and to therefore to respond to these typical questions:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?

in other words what user has managed the given information, which operation (input or modification or cancellation) the user executed and the date and time it was executed.
The data registered by the module is easily accessible making advanced analyses possible, for example: chronological reconstruction of the information, list of data modified in a certain period, list of data managed by a specific user and so on.

Auditing: main features

Easy to configure

Because it is fully integrated into the administration console with a few, simple operations, it can be configured to suit your needs.

Easy to use

Thanks to the technology present in (the platform created by Microarea to produce its applications), the user will work tranquilly and normally with, without any concern.

Easy to query

Thanks to the tools provided with it, automatic queries and reports, inquiry of tracked data is easy, quick and in everybody’s reach.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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