- Balance Analysis - Basel 2 - Balance Analysis - Basel 2

The module makes a software able to manage the balance analysis to present, complaying to the Basel II accord, your company to the banks.

The module uses the Magic Documents technology to create a Microsoft Excel worksheet dynamically connected to the company database, which it draws the accounting figures for company self-assessment based on the provisions of the Basel II agreement.

This international agreement has introduced assessment models used by banks based on rating, in other words the ratings assigned to businesses that want access to financing, and the module can provide useful information to best prepare your company’s presentation to credit institutes.

This module is available for Italy only.

Balance Analysis - Basel 2: main features

Easy to use

Configuration settings aren’t needed to work: data is immediately imported in just a few, intuitive steps.

The company accounts figures are extracted and inserted into a worksheet that communicates directly with the company database, importing balances for the last three financial years starting from a reference year, automatically filling out the balance sheet according to EEC Directive IV.


The module provides an example of rating attribution, determining an elementary rating (formed of four degrees of judgment) on the basis of the most common ratios calculated on the business balance sheets: ROE, ROI, ROS, Turnover of invested capital, Degree of financial autonomy, Current ratio, Performance index, Acid-test ratio.

It is possible to customize the rating calculation logic, selecting the ratios to consider and their weight.

This way, users can adapt the rating model to the specific needs of each credit institution. Actually, the Basel 2 framework leaves each bank free to decide which ratios to consider and how much significance to give each one.

Financial and economic analysis

The figures extracted are then reprocessed to carry out different analyses:

  • financial, calculating ratios by flows using capital variation analysis and filling in the financial statements;
  • economic, calculating ratio and analyzing ROE (return on equity).

The result is a detailed analysis report with a summary of all ratios, comments and graphs, which is generated completely automatically in editable Microsoft Excel format.

Customized EU Balance sheets

The module adds various reports to produce the annual financial statements according to EEC directive IV, based on predefined “reclassification schemes”, which users can freely customise to suit their needs.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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