Tools for improving Tools for improving provides all the tools needed to improve the flow of information in the company, making it possible to create your own reports, easily share information with others and automate repetitive processes.

apertura di report secondari con collegamenti ipertestuali


Woorm is the report generator to simply and flexibly create lists, statistics, invoices etc…

It combines a powerful inquiry engine with an intuitive graphic design and produces reports that are compatible with any printer.

Data can be exported to Word, Excel or attached to emails. contains hundreds of ready-to-use reports that can be personalised as much as you like.

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Filtro su Istogramma venduto/costo di produzione - InfoBusiness Connector

InfoBusiness Connector

Thanks to the InfoBusiness Connector you can now join, easily and in no time, the Business Intelligence world.
The company data analysis is incredibly effective thanks to the elasticity of The Business Intelligence platform InfoBusiness.
Thanks to the dashboards, maps, pie charts, histograms, pivot tables, it is now easy to make the right decision at the right time!

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Il menu di navigazione sui report di EasyLook è conforme a quello di Mago.Net


Easy Look offers all the advanced reporting functions of Woorm in a common Internet browser: you can have all the data under control at any time, even if you’re not in your office.

You can use EasyLook to construct your own company portal for reports, personalising logo, colours, backgrounds etc and opening access to information to partners and associates, while keeping full control over the security of company details.

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Invio e-mail di un report

Mail Connector

Mail Connector can be used to send documents via email or fax and to file them in PDF format. The user interface reproduces the most common email clients: sending invoices, account statements, statistics to the relative recipients becomes a rapid and, if you like fully automatic operation!

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PostaLite, finestra di esportazione documento


With one simple click you can now send letters, communications, dunning letters, invoices or any other type of document via mail, this thanks to and the Zucchetti PostaLite service. No more queues at the post office, stamps, placing in envelopes or labeling: will take care of everything with PostaLite!

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Attività schedulate in sequenza

Task Scheduler

Task Builder Scheduler is the tool set up to automatically carry out procedural activities from a given workstation, on a set date and at a set time without the need for any interaction by the user during the execution phase.

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Repository documenti archiviati


EasyAttachment is the document storing system fully integrated with
From the new and innovative interface the user can, throughout few simple steps, attach to the ERP document any document in electronic format. Images and texts are now at hand with one click!    

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CRM Infinity Connector

CRM Infinity Connector

L'Infinity Connector ti permette di integrare al tuo le soluzioni del mondo Infinity Project di Zucchetti. Il CRM Infinity ti consente di gestire al meglio ogni aspetto legato alle fasi di pre-vendita (marketing), vendita (offerta-ordine) e post-vendita (customer-care e assistenza).

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