Tools for integrating Tools for integrating is an “open” ERP system and for this purpose provides various tools in order to personalise it or integrate other applications. This ranges from data exchange to reusing management components and arrives at development with the same platform used by Microarea

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The MagicDocuments module can be used to construct Office-based solutions that integrate perfectly with

It can be used to create documents in Word and Excel that are populated with data extracted from with a simple click, or insert information in the familiar Office interface followed by secure, guided updating of the management archives.

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EasyBuilder - Proprietà


The module EasyBuilder, made in Microarea, allows managing in a simple and intuitive way the graphical and functional customisation of an existing management document, as well creating forms from scratch.
EasyBuilder is able to create all types of objects that can be managed with as for example text field, checkbox, combo box, and body edit. 

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TaskBuilder Wizard permette di definire in modo guidato gli elementi fondamentali di una applicazione is the platform created by Microarea to build your own applicative ERP systems and that is also made available to partners.

Development in occurs through standard development environments and languages (Visual Studio by Microsoft, C++ and C#). The programmer has innumerable specific components available to develop ready-to-use ERP applications, and the whole suite of sources.

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XGate is the module that manages import and export of every document (Orders, Lists but also Customers, Items) in XML format.

Documents can be handled on their own or in groups also complete with all the ancillary data that make them compatible for the recipient. Together with the Task Scheduler it can be used to manage synchronisation of data between various installations that are not networked.

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