Additional features

Additional features

To meet its customers requirements, Microarea provides 4 licenses authorizing the use of under specific conditions: use of for multiple companies management, use of with no connection to company server, use of in a test environment, installation of on a backup server.
Extensions can be combined, because one does not exclude the other.


Al momento della login, si può scegliere su che azienda operareAl momento della login, si può scegliere su che azienda operareThis Extension addresses companies controlled by, or connected to, a single legal subject (holder of the license) by means of one installation. Active databases are the same number of Companies that need to be managed. This type of Extension allows therefore to manage Temporary Business Associations, Estate Agencies, etc.  Such Extension is essential also when dealing with companies (e.g. accounting firms) whose core business is the bookkeeping of third party enterprises.


The Stand-Alone Extension allows to replicate the complete company installation (including all application modules found within the main one), on a single PC, such as a notebook, even without a connection to the server. If you want to always  be with your company, this extension allows you to access the database even when disconnected from company servers.


The Backup Extension ensures business continuity, even in event of a server failure. The extension allows you to install on a backup server an exact copy (in terms of both modules and CAL) of the purchased configuration. In the event of a crash, broken or non-functioning of the enterprise server, you can activate the backup server, already configured and ready to ensure continuity.


The Test Extension is the tool designed to manage installations on test servers (virtual or physical) that replicate your company installation, including also 2 CAL. The extension is especially useful for medium to large structures that require extensive testing before releasing a new software version.

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