Manufacturing Control with the ERP software

Manufacturing Control with the ERP software

The manufacturing area provides a set of functions conceived from the viewpoint of operating efficiency and organization of production processes.
Indeed, it is designed to enable complete management of the flow of production documents and correct handling of materials, semi-finished products and finished products in stock.

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Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials is perfect for different kinds of production realities – ranging from manufacturing to chemical. It is the solution to manage product assembly and the costs control associated with this.

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Codifica delle Varianti


The variants can be used to produce and manage stock items that are very similar to each other, on the basis of a single Bill that groups together the common parts.
The specificities of each item can be managed by defining the variants in the bill of materials.

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The Configurator can determine composition alternatives of a product to suit production and commercial needs.

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Produzione Base - Analisi Producibilità

Manufacturing Base

Basic Production is designed for small companies with production problems to give them a very user-friendly tool with high functional performance.

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Produzione Avanzata - Pannello di Controllo

Manufacturing Advanced

Advanced production has arisen to satisfy the production needs of medium sized enterprises. The aim is to provide a simple, versatile tool that is at the same time full of functions that facilitate and assist users in their everyday jobs.

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Gestione Ordini Aperti: Contratto Cliente Programmato

Open Orders

The Open and Scheduled Orders module has been conceived to meet the requirements of companies that need to dynamically plan the amounts to deliver in the short, mid and long-term.

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Material Requirements Planning: Opzioni MRP Wizard

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

MRP Planning is the flexible and effective tool that optimises and facilitates production planning. Discover in detail how the procedure can help you in the organisation and programming process.

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CRP: Gantt Ordini di Produzione

Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)

With the procedure under examination it is possible to make projections on the activities of a company in the mid-long term using techniques of production resources planning.

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Monitor Manufacturing Mobile - Manufacturing Mobile di

Manufacturing Mobile

Manufacturing Mobile permits to perform manufactuting confirmation using a mobile device.

The module extends WiFi benefits to the manufacturing chain, and takes mobile features to a further level.

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