Inventory and Logistics Area Inventory and Logistics Area

The Inventory module has many essential functions for rational and efficient management of goods in storage. All good entries can be managed.

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The Inventory module has many essential functions for rational and efficient management of goods in storage.

The Inventory can be used to carry out all the operations needed to correctly handle the goods.

For Countries that require it, can generate accounts records as from inventory entries, assigning the value of the goods to the financial statement in real time.

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Lots and Serials

More and more companies are appointing lots for correct item management.

Lots management can be used to track items purchased or produced in-house.
Each item can be traced during its whole time in the company.

With we can also memorise the supplier and/or internal serial number.

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Warehouse Management System - Navigazione Grafica Warehouse

Warehouse Management System

The speeding up of the logistic processes, set forth by the stock optimisation and cost reduction logic, gives rise to the need of localising the items clearly and rapidly. This is why the IT systems supporting the management of the storage bins are becoming increasingly vital.
The aim of the Warehouse Management System (WMS) is to manage the transfer and putaway of the goods within the inventory (including the receipt, putaway, picking and shipping).

The WMS provides for the planning of the inventory as well as for the positioning of the goods after being received.

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WMS Mobile

All the power of in your warehouse. With an handheld device with bar-code gun you can manage the loading and unloading of goods, stock transfer, packing and unpacking... all synchronized in real time with your server via Wi-Fi. It even works where the signal is not available.

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Barcode Manager in Bolla di Carico dopo lo scan di un Barcode Strutturato

Barcode Manager

Thanks to Barcode Manager and with the aid of a simple Barcode reader in keyboard emulation, today you need just a scan for the operations of loading or unloading of the goods.

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