Accounting Area Accounting Area provides simple and direct methods so you can fulfil fiscal obligations of ordinary accounting and monitor the company trend in real time using real management control.

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The complete solution for the company accounting management, from fiscal duty fulfillments to management of customers and suppliers.

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Forecast Accounting

The response to the need for a more detailed and reliable accounting period check.

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Aggiornamento tassonomie

XBRL Balance

Take the opportunity to turn your accounts into the XBRL standard format, used to send the balance statements to the Business Registry.

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Aziende del gruppo

Multicompany Balance

A real help for companies that control one or more companies.

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Movimento analitico collegato a prima nota

Analysis and Controlling

An efficient decision-making support for the manager who needs to monitor company trends.

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Movimento di acquisto cespite collegato alla prima nota

Fixed Assets

The essential tool to manage the complicated fixed assets issues from the moment of their purchase to their disposal, in accordance with current fiscal and legal requirements.

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Foglio Quadro Organico

Balance Analysis - Basel 2

An effective aid in the company performance monitoring process, which very rapidly provides a full assessment of the financial, assets and economic situation of the company, calculating its rating according to the Basel II principles.

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Elenchi Intrastat su file


The tool to prepare the Intrastat declaration for Customs and Excise.

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Comunicazione IVA - I documenti estratti

Tax and multi-purpose Communication

Tax Communication is the module that allows filling in the new VAT relevant operations declaration and generating a file to be subsequently sent to the Tax Agency.

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Apertura sessione cassa

Cash Management

The essential tool for the accountant assigned to check cash, control ready money and enter debit and credit transactions.

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Stampa bonifici - Gestione Banche Avanzato di

Advanced Bank Management

Advanced Bank Management helps you to create in the correct XML format the files for Bank Transfer and Direct Debit (SDD Core and B2B), manage them, and keep your customers' and suppliers' bank list up to date.

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Prospetti del Libro Inventari

Accounting Inventory Book

The Accounting Inventory Book module helps you to meet law disposition, by printing all the statements that are part of the Book and also including attachments to the print. Furthermore, the module manages adjustment entries and reclassification schemes.

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