Automatic Update offers you the possibility of getting rid of the hidden costs regarding the maintenance and updating of the application and network workstations.  
Thanks to the Easy Client Update, the updating of the company PCs is automatic, hence needing neither human intervention nor a PC downtime.   

The workstations update automatically!

Every time is run, it verifies (on the company server) whether there is an available updated version. In case of the verification being successful, the updated version will be automatically downloaded!

In this way, it is certain that all the workstations will utilise the same version of the software. Furthermore, the network maintenance costs are brought down to zero: installing the update on the server will consequently allow all workstations to receive the update when they are first accessed.   

The Easy Client Update is  highly useful also on distributed networks or, for example, in order to update the notebooks of those employees who are often out of office (as in the case of the commercial agents). 

Before running the update, in presence of verticalisation or application customisations, it is advisable to contact your Microarea reseller referral. 

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