architecture: Client/Server or Web

Follow the most congenial manner to utilize the facilities of Take advantage of the Client PC's capacity or use your access through any Internet Browser to look business information up wherever you are, in or out of office. Using means also to adapt  easily the new way of working with ERP software in accordance with the necessities of up-to-date companies. is prepared to be used both as a Client/Server or thorugh a browser.

When is configured for local PC usage, the client is depicted as a "smart" client: there is no real installation, in fact, the components are downloaded and remaining updated in a local PC and therefore it performs locally in order to take a full advantage on the elaborate powers of the PC networks.

If having an access to business information through the browser is preferred, you can surf in the application and visualize the reports inside of a common browser compatible with Internet Explorer.  It does not require component installation on client side, while the navigation is guaranteed both through LAN and Internet connections.

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