website april 2015  

We are happy to introduce you the new Microarea website: more fresh, more direct, more light....more  your! 

Edited by Marketing Department

Microarea renews its website, providing it with improved accessibility and in line with the latest web-graphic trends.

Starting from home page and in all the pages of the site, the graphics are completely new, to provide you a streamlined tool, even more intuitive in consultation.

You'll notice that the information is organized as always: so you can explore the site as usual, while living a new browsing experience and the most relaxing visit!

Accessibility is optimized also for mobile surfing: responsive design makes the layout suitable to the environment in which the site is displayed, allowing you to always have content and information at your fingertips.

Explore the new Microarea website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter: we will listen to your suggestions and tips, to get better and better!